Tanned Leather


What is tanned leather

Leather tanned by tannin without any processing and surface treatment. This type of tanning was developed a long time ago and it is a very traditional way to tan the leather.

Tanned leather naturally degrades due to certain microorganisms that can be found in the floor of every environment. Since it hardly emits any hazardous wastes, such as contaminating the environment during the manufacturing process, it has recently been reviewed as a friendly material for the environment.

Character of Tanned Leather

1. Tanned Leather easily gets marks, however it is resistant, strong and long lasting, those marks give it a sense of uniqueness and personality.
It can last 5 to 10 years with careful and regular treatment.

2. The color darkens with time.
Tanned leather gets a darker color day by day, due to the sun exposure, hand oil, etc.

3. Natural oil coating can come out of the inside of the leather.
Tanned leather has oil inside of it that can come out due to direct sun exposure, heat, hand massage etc, this creates a natural oil coating on the surface.

The leather surface changes with time in a very natural way, as some sort of growth and evolution. These special characteristics of the material give more value and pleasure to Tanned leather products.

4. Being a natural material, it has wrinkles and marks.
Tanned leather is the most natural of leathers. It presents some imperfections that are, in fact, the proof of it’s realness and naturalness, such as wrinkles, marks and signs of  blood vessels on the surface.

5.It becomes softer with daily wear.
At first it has a very hard and tough feel, but it becomes softer with use, giving it a particular character of tanned leather that is difficult to find in other leathers.

6. Careful with water.
Spilling water or even water drops leaves marks in the surface, because of this, tanned leather requires extra carefulness with water.
However, in case it gets water spots, the rest of the leather will darken making it difficult to see the marks.