Oiled Leather


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Oil leather is tanned leather with an application of oil to increase the durability.

It is usually used for bags or climbing shoes. (Instead, soft oil leather is usually used for gloves).
It is only dyed and does not use pigment such as the KW leather series, so it has the real leather touch.

The base of the leather is tanned by tannin, without the use of crome.
It means that the leather remains more natural and it creates the natural changing effect.
This leather changes to a lighter color by oxidation of the parts of tannin and hand oil.
It is treated with wax on the surface and does not need extra maintenance because the wax protects the surface.

Character of Oil Leather

– Nice feel when touching
– Changes the drape during use
– Hygroscopicity (it attracts and retains water: should be kept away from humid environments)
– Has natural wrinkles and marks
– The color is not uniform
– Changes the color to lighter
– The color of the leather might pass to clothes in contact

How to maintain oil leather

1. Improving the durability
The surface of the oil leather is protected by wax
Although it is enough to just wipe the surface with a dry cotton cloth, the surface is more protected by marks with some leather cream applied once 3 to 6 months.

2. Removing dirt with Marsiglia soap
Apply some Marsiglia soap to a squeezed sponge, rub gently with the foam and wipe off the water and foam with cloth.
Repeat a few times in case of heavy marks.