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Leather Maintenance 

For regular maintenance it is usually enough to wipe off the surface with a dry cloth (100% cotton).
Remember to wipe off the leather as soon as possible in case anything listed happens (great damage can happen to the leather):
– Finger/hand marks
– Hair spray/gel/wax
– Water
Wipe off with the cloth soaked in warm water (tighten hard) for light marks and wipe off again with a dry soft cloth.
It is advised to put some leather protection on it once every two/three months.

Maintenance after long use

1. Put 1-3% of soap for hot water
2. Soak a soft cloth, tighten it strongly and wipe off the dirt with it.
3. Soak the cloth in clean hot water, and wipe off the soap.
4. Wipe off with a dry cloth and let the chair/sofa dry out.
5. Put the chair/sofa where there is an air or wind passage.


– These maintenance procedures are only for natural leather, not for oiled leather.
– Please do not use shoe cream, paint thinner, benzine and sintetic cloths for maintenance.
– Please avoid to do maintenance under direct sunlight, near fireplaces and hot places.
– Please keep away from humid areas, those can cause mold, color changing or shape alteration.